Going on a Retreat

Tomorrow’s the day I will be travelling all by myself for a training and then a retreat. I’m actually having mixed emotions since I’ll be going alone. First, I’m quite excited for this opportunity to be trained in a skill that I’m interested in then go for a quiet retreat afterwards, but then I’m also quite sad since I will be missing my family. As a stay-at-home and homeschool mom, it’s quite rare for me to be away by myself, so I’m so used to be with my family especially with my kids 24/7.

But maybe this time away will give me an opportunity to rest so, I can be refreshed again for mommy duties afterwards. It may seem a bit awkward travelling without family and even going for a quiet retreat for a few days. Oh, how I will miss my boy’s antics and noise like how he’s pretending to be a DJ even without the Musicians Friend DJ Equipment . Oh, I will miss my daughter’s sweet, gentle hugs and of course my Hubby too. But, I will be back with all my stories, experiences and learnings.

Moving Again…

Our 1 year stay here in the Philippines is slowly coming to an end and we will soon be moving to Malaysia. Just this morning, our friend in Malaysia found a house for us to stay at a very reasonable price. That’s indeed great news! So now, all we have to think about are the stuff that we need for the house. It’s like we’re newly weds as we have to buy some basic stuff once again and start fresh. If we want to really be settled fast, then maybe we might need to consider special financing to buy all those furniture and appliances at once. But, we have to do things a bit slowly and buy the necessary appliances first like the fridge and cooking stove.

Failed Update

WordPress has updated to 4.4.2 but it seems I’m having problems updating this site. At first, I thought that the failure has something to do with my template so, I changed my tempate using the basic one but then, it still doesn’t work.

Whenever I try to update I get this message:

Download failed.: Failed to write request to temporary file.

Installation Failed

I wonder how this can be fixed… ¬†Does anyone know how to fix this? Or maybe I’ll have to google it myself later.