New Place, New Beginnings

We’ve moved to a new place and in this new place we’re having new beginnings. New job for me, new school for my kids and new responsibilities for my Hubby. It has been kinda a roller coaster ride as we had to deal with re entry issues, adjustments and settling down. Now, I can say we’re slowly settling down and better that how we’ve been a month back.

We’ve settled in our new house and even if our house seems complete now ( thanks to friends who helped us ) but many of our things are still in Hubby’s hometown. I kinda like our house without so many things, now I’m not sure where to put our other things once they come. Most of those are books and our house is not so big to accommodate them. It’s good we don’t have a big piano or musical instruments such as a martin dm, because we surely won’t have space for them here.

Anyways, as we slowly settle in, we are also slowly making this place our home..and in due time we will truly feel ‘at home’ in this place, in this country.

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