Going on a Retreat

Tomorrow’s the day I will be travelling all by myself for a training and then a retreat. I’m actually having mixed emotions since I’ll be going alone. First, I’m quite excited for this opportunity to be trained in a skill that I’m interested in then go for a quiet retreat afterwards, but then I’m also quite sad since I will be missing my family. As a stay-at-home and homeschool mom, it’s quite rare for me to be away by myself, so I’m so used to be with my family especially with my kids 24/7.

But maybe this time away will give me an opportunity to rest so, I can be refreshed again for mommy duties afterwards. It may seem a bit awkward travelling without family and even going for a quiet retreat for a few days. Oh, how I will miss my boy’s antics and noise like how he’s pretending to be a DJ even without the Musicians Friend DJ Equipment . Oh, I will miss my daughter’s sweet, gentle hugs and of course my Hubby too. But, I will be back with all my stories, experiences and learnings.

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