Christmas and Year End Sale

It seems there are so many Christmas sale and Year End Sales happening this month. I see them in my Facebook newsfeed, Newspaper articles and even friends send them through Whatsapp. There are also online sales like flash deals at or Lazada. Oh, I’m so tempted and even to the point of being panicky over all these sales. But I have to control and remind myself that we have some other commitments and I cannot just buy impulsively and to my heart’s content. Now, that takes a lot of self-control and restraint on my side! :)

Exploring the City

We’re not entirely ‘newbies’ in the city where we live in. This has been my Hubby’s home for 7 years and we constantly visited this place when we were based in Thailand. But it is our first time to really live here. And since I like to go out and explore for new places to eat and visit, being here somehow excites me. So far, I’ve been ‘googling’ for the best Roti Canai, the best Banana Leaf, the best Coffee and etc. And one by one, we will surely make a visit to these places and see for ourselves whether they’re really good. Oh, why is it I’m only searching for food? If I were a musician, maybe I’d search for the best music stores just like those in ca brea , but I’m a foodie.. so, well… :)

New Place, New Beginnings

We’ve moved to a new place and in this new place we’re having new beginnings. New job for me, new school for my kids and new responsibilities for my Hubby. It has been kinda a roller coaster ride as we had to deal with re entry issues, adjustments and settling down. Now, I can say we’re slowly settling down and better that how we’ve been a month back.

We’ve settled in our new house and even if our house seems complete now ( thanks to friends who helped us ) but many of our things are still in Hubby’s hometown. I kinda like our house without so many things, now I’m not sure where to put our other things once they come. Most of those are books and our house is not so big to accommodate them. It’s good we don’t have a big piano or musical instruments such as a martin dm, because we surely won’t have space for them here.

Anyways, as we slowly settle in, we are also slowly making this place our home..and in due time we will truly feel ‘at home’ in this place, in this country.